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We want our Hindi learners to start from a point where they can easily follow the worksheets and complete the exercises. When starting to learn Hindi from scratch, we recommend that the learner starts from Stage 1, which is meant for beginners.


Is there a minimum age recommendation?

Each of our stages has a minimum age recommended. A learner will not benefit by working on a stage recommended for older age group. For example, a 3 year old is strongly recommended to start with Stage 1, even if the exercises are too easy to complete. This helps in building confidence for attempting the complex work in higher stages.

Am I too old for this stage?

There is no maximum age group recommended for any of the stages and it will certainly benefit a new Hindi learner to start from the beginners stages regardless of the age. For example, for a newbie starting to learn Hindi at the age of 6, we still recommend starting with Stage 1 (for age group 3+) and gradually advance to the next stages. If a 3 year old takes 10 minutes to complete a Stage 1 assignment, a 6 year old may take only a minute and complete the entire stage quickly and still refresh the basic concepts instead of skipping those.

How can I move to the next stage?

It is absolutely essential to complete all the exercises given for a stage for retention of the concepts learnt. The learner should move on to the next stage only after completing the current stage.. We keep on updating our content by adding new worksheets and assignments to all the stages. A learner who has completed that stage can still access the updates.