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Curriculum designed by experienced professionals based on recent researches in pedagogy (Science of teaching): We know there are a lot of resources available online to learn speaking and writing Hindi. Not all of those may be offering great learning tools or based on authentic sources.. SunoSunao offers an organized curriculum for different stages. The curriculum has been prepared by multiple educators, each having more then 40 years of experience in teaching, based on a lot of researches done in the field of pedagogy (Science of teaching).

Structured curriculum for independent learning: SunoSunao provides assignments in an order, which helps the students grasp slowly step by step. Most importantly, this way of learning motivates self learning and builds confidence.

Enhanced learning experience for all age groups: Our worksheets are focused on providing an effective material to enhance the Hindi learning experience for all age groups. Our simple worksheets display the combination of text, image and sound. The worksheets are planned for each stage with gradually increasing complexity.

Accuracy and Speed: We emphasize on both- accuracy and speed. Our exercises are small, which can be completed in short time without distraction and loosing interest. Our exercises repeat the same words and concepts in various different ways to make sure the learners completely master those. Regular practice is extremely important for fixation of knowledge and to help learners complete the assignments in suggested times frames.

Tracking the progress: It is essential to grade the work after finishing the exercises for speed and accuracy assessment. Facilitators can do this for young kids to give them immediate feedback. Grownups can self grade their work to assess themselves after each assignment. SunoSunao also allows the learners to track their progress on the website.