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SunoSunao is a site for children and grownups to learn Hindi independently. Language learning involves four major skills- listening , speaking , reading and writing and SunoSunao focuses on these skills at different stages. Language learning requires immediate feedback on exercises and hence, needs some assistance. Parents or adults can do this job for the children at initial stages.

SunoSunao method


Traditionally, Hindi books and material developed for younger children start with teaching vowels (swar ) i.e. " अ, आ, इ, ई " etc. This method was good when the formal teaching process used to start at the age of 5 or 6+ and the learner would already have developed a lot of vocabulary and conversational skills.

We believe, unlike the traditional methods of teaching Hindi, it is not necessary to learn all the alphabets (Hindi Varnmala) first at young age. Sunosunao introduces difficult letters at a later stage. All SunoSunao worksheets are based on the following key points:
  • Skills covered: We first focus on developing listening and speaking skills followed by reading and then writing skills towards the end.
  • Starting with "Look, listen and speak": The scientific approach to develop language skills at an early age is to look, listen and speak. Therefore, we use images and sounds of more than 350 common objects in the initial stages. In the beginning, the learner is expected to just look at the image, look at the word, listen to the sound and repeat. This way the learner begins to connect words to the objects.
  • Getting ready to read: Gradually we encourage the learner to recognize the letters in words with the help of sounds, without any picture. This approach helps the learners learn all vowels and consonants and start making simple sentences.
  • Writing: SunoSunao introduces writing skills at the age of 4.5 for children to have sufficient psycho- muscular development.
  • Practice, Practice and Practice: With the help of SunoSunao's carefully developed worksheets and exercises a learner will be able to acquire certain competencies related to the above mentioned skills. However, it is extremely important to be regular and spend nearly fifteen to twenty minutes of daily practice to achieve that  " करत करत अभ्यास के जड़मति होत सुजान " .

Overall, SunoSunao materials are based on the principles of simple to complex, concrete to abstract and the principles of association and practice.


Course Structure


  • The worksheets and exercises are organized by age, from simple to complex in order.
  • The researches have proved that a child can learn multiple languages at a very young age and hence, we offer worksheets for the age group of 3 and up.
  • All content is arranged in terms of meaningful commonly used words.
  • Each worksheet contains nearly 15 words, which have some similarity in them, which makes learning easy through association. This similarity may be in pronunciation, in use, in nature etc.
  • There is a lot of repetition of words. Previously learnt words are re-used in new order and with new words to form concepts. Planned worksheets will give enough practice to the learner for fixation of concepts learned.


Worksheets and Assignments


The worksheets and exercises are all available on the website and the learners complete their assignments online. All a learner needs is a computer and an Internet connection to perform the work. For writing assignments, the learner would also need a printer to print the assignments. Young learners may need to work with a facilitator (parents or any adult) at initial stages.