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Stage 1 worksheet sets contain 40 worksheets to be completed in two months. It is expected that the learner will work on these worksheet s twenty days in a month, 15-20 minutes a day. After every four worksheet s there is an exercise. Each worksheet has nearly 18 slides. Each slide contains image, text and sound related to the word or a simple sentence. In each slide the learner is expected to look, listen and speak, but not to read the words.

Worksheet s contain some new words and some old ones for repetition in different forms for fixation of knowledge. There is a rhyme at the end of each worksheet . First, the learner gets to listen to the recitation of the complete rhyme. After that the rhyme is recited line by line with an interval between the lines and the learner is expected to repeat after sound during the intervals. We do not want the learner to read the words or the rhymes at this time. They are expected to listen and repeat only.

At the initial stage, the facilitators can help the young learners in speaking the words correctly. Later on the learners themselves will understand the sound and will repeat it correctly. At the bottom of each screen there are thumbnail figures of the images included in the
worksheet . On clicking on a thumbnail the learner can see the slide again and listen to the sound related to it. Let the learner look and listen repeatedly as many slides as needed. It is expected that the learner should repeat the sound every time. The learner can see the whole slide show again by going to the first slide and clicking the Play button.

Note: As you know languages keep on changing with time. Hindi is also a dynamic language and has been changing with time. In past years, because of use in electronic print media, it has simplified itself. Many words which were difficult in writing and pronunciation are now simplified and current dictionaries have adopted the simplified versions. For example "
कुर्सी " is now written as " कुरसी ", " मुर्गा " as " मुरगा " , " मिर्ची " as " मिरची " and so on. Similarly, many letters which previously had a dot at the bottom are now written without it. Chandrabindoo which was used on many letters, like in "   हँसना   ", is now replaced simply with a dot like "   हंसना   ". At Sunosunao also, we have used the simplified words.