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Skill Sets for different Age groups:

Listening and speaking of words and simple sentences. Recognition of nearly 350 common objects. Several Rhymes. Concepts of colors, fruits, birds, animals etc. and more.

Listening, speaking and reading of words (mostly without matra) and simple sentences. Writing of some alphabets and words without matra. Vocabulary of more than 500 words. Recognition of basic colors, counting up to 20 and more.

Reading and writing of given words on listening and seeing. Making simple sentences. Answering simple questions. Concepts of singular plural, opposites, colors, shape and size. Gender, far and near, big and small, open and close etc. Making oral story with the given picture. Reciting rhymes. Counting up to 50 and more.

Reading of words and sentences. Writing on hearing and seeing. Answering simple questions related to who, where and when. Writing and speaking sentences using correct tense and stories using pictures. Concepts like days of week, voices of various animals and birds, opposites, synonyms, directions, weather etc. and more.


SunoSunao makes it easy and fun to learn Hindi for all age groups.

All a learner needs to do is to complete the assignments in the order presented and the results will be amazing.

We emphasize on all four main skills of language learning-listening, speaking, reading and writing in a sequential way.
We provide structured worksheets and exercises for step by step learning.
We believe in practice and repetition for formation of concepts and perfection (" करत करत अभ्यास के जड़मति होत सुजान ").
This is not a tutoring site. We provide organized materials for gradual self learning and confidence building. Parents or adults can act as facilitators for young kids to make them follow the material in the order presented and to grade their work.
We allow the learners to track their progress on the website.

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